what they do

Big Tobacco dishes out millions of dollars (to be precise, $1 million an hour) to market their deadly and addictive products. What’s even worse is that they market their products in a way that appeals to youth. The tobacco industry knows that their customers are dropping like flies, and who better to replace them than you and your peers? The tobacco industry knows that nearly 90% of smokers started smoking before their 18th birthday. In their own words, “Younger adult smokers are the only source of replacement smokers.”

The tobacco industry has a reputation for lies and deceit, from lying about the addictiveness of their products to denying for years that they target youth, when their own internal documents clearly indicated otherwise. In 2006, after a 9 month trial, Judge Gladys Kessler stated:

“The evidence is clear and convincing…that [tobacco companies] have marketed to young people twenty-one and under while consistently, publicly, and falsely denying they do so.”

The tobacco industry is forever evolving and growing but we can be one step ahead of them. Visit our battlegrounds page to learn more about what big tobacco is up to, and get involved.


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