Youth Advocate of the Year Award

The 2015 Youth Advocate of the Year Award application has been released.  Take your time to fill out the application with all of the work you’ve done with Reality Check and on your own to fight the influence of big tobacco in your community.

Applications must be submitted online by Monday, February 13th via formstack.

When writing your essays keep this in mind:

  • Advocacy:
    • What have you done to advocate for the Reality Check cause?
    • What legislators have you spoken with?  What message did you leave them with?
    • How has your advocacy experience affected your community?
    • What have you learned from your successes and failures?
  • Initiative
    • Have you suggested an idea for Reality Check that they used?
    • Have you helped create or taken the lead on part of an event for Reality Check?
    • Have you noticed something in your community and done something about it?
    • Give an example of a time you did something without your Reality Check coordinator asking you.  Did it work out?  Explain.
  • Impact of activities on protecting youth from tobacco
    • Tell about an activity you have been involved with. What were the results of your actions?
    • Do you have a personal story of affecting someone’s perspective on tobacco marketing?
  • Leadership
    • Have you ever involved another youth in Reality Check?
    • Have you mobilized your community members to work with you?
    • What qualities do you see in yourself that make you a leader?
  • Creative thinking and Problem Solving
    • Explain how you have used your creative thinking skills to spread the Reality Check message.
    • Explain how you have used your problem solving skills to solve a problem regarding tobacco in your community or with your Reality Check team.
  • Ability to communicate ideas effectively
    • Explain the methods of communication (verbal, written, social media, etc.) hou have personally used to communicate the Reality Check team.

Suggestions you should consider for your video

  • What specific skills do you have that make you a great advocate?
  • Why is being a youth advocate important to you?
  • How does your experience make you a successful youth advocate?

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