Reality Check to Denounce Discounts on World No Tobacco Day

Denounce Discounts on World No Tobacco Day

Reality Check partners across New York State will host events later this month for World No Tobacco Day. Every year, RC celebrates World No Tobacco Day as an opportunity to tell the tobacco industry that kids have seen enough tobacco marketing in their neighborhoods. The tobacco industry invests billions of dollars on tobacco marketing in retail stores including discounts to make tobacco more affordable.  These discounts are deadly because they bring death and disease to the people who use tobacco including more than 100,000 youth in New York State.

World No Tobacco Day on May 31 is an international day of advocacy sponsored by the World Health Organization.  It brings together people around the world to stand up against big tobacco and highlights strategies used to keep smokers from quitting and to recruit new customers, which are almost entirely youth. One key strategy of the tobacco industry is to spend billions of dollars each year to keep the price of tobacco as low as possible and negate the effect of the sales tax.  Smoking continues to be the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the U.S., killing more than 23,600 New Yorkers every year.


2 thoughts on “Reality Check to Denounce Discounts on World No Tobacco Day

    • There are so many flavors that appeal to youth such as cookies and cream. With flavors and names that appeal to youth we are seeing more kids smoking e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. This means that people that have never started smoking are now becoming addicted to e-cigarettes, which takes away from the idea that e-cigarettes help people quit. They actually are a new way that people are becoming addicted to nicotine. As researchers try to discover the health consequences of using e-cigarettes people are becoming addicted at a higher rate than traditional cigarettes.
      Here are some recent articles that have come out discussing some health hazards of using e-cigarettes:

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